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XE Currency API
Our API lets you select the frequency of rate updates. Plus you can choose the volume of monthly API rate requests that’s right for you. Signing up is easy and there are no setup or activation fees!

Need to download rates to store or cache?
XE offers flexible data delivery solutions. If you need to download currency rates to store on your computer or server, contact us.


1. Choose Rate Frequency:

Exchange rates based on your preferred lock-in time.

Exchange rates within the last 60-second market window.

  • Daily

    From USD $799 / year

  • Live

    From USD $1,199 / year

2. Choose Request Volume:

Each rate returned is considered one API request towards your monthly package limit. You can request multiple rates in a single query.

Example: GET/v1/convert_from.json/?from

If you convert $1,500 from USD to CAD and GBP, it will count as two rate requests towards your monthly package limit.

10,000 Rate Requests Example:
You can convert up to 357 currency pairs per day with the small (10,000 call) plan.

100,000 Rate Requests Example:
You can convert two currency pairs every minute for 30 days with the medium (100,000 rate requests) plan.

  • Small

    10,000 / month

  • Medium

    100,000 / month

  • Enterprise

    Unlimited / month

3. Proceed To Registration:

  • Please select Rate Frequency

If you wish, you can review our Licence Agreement before creating an account.
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"The XE Currency Data API service allows greater flexibility for the delivery of data to suit our client's needs. XE provides a key service to users of our Flyingboat wealth management software to give them up to date and accurate exchange rates with minimum effort."- Alan Rowe, Fusion Systems.

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